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The Villa Girls


Nicky Pellegrino









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The Villa Girls

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Short Description & Notes

The Villa girls are a group of four friends, all of them very different from each other. Addolorata is the joyful daughter of an Italian chef, Toni is a successful journalist, Lou is very shy and insecure, always fighting against something and Rosie… Rosie is the main character of this story. She has lost her parents untimely and the other girls will truly become her family. Together they will travel, cook, fall in love who knows whatever else. This is a nice book that teaches us a lot about friendship.

“This is the story of four young women who decide that wherever they are in the world, and whatever they’re doing, they’ll meet every few years for a holiday together somewhere sunny. Despite life taking them in very different directions, their snatched days in the sun in little hidden villas are crucial to them all. Escape, celebration, recovery—over the years the holidays change their lives. Rosie was always the odd one out—initially only invited as the others felt sorry for her, but it seems that in the end, she might be the one whose life is touched the most by her villa days. For it’s there that she meets Enzo. The eldest son of an olive oil dynasty in southern Italy, he is being groomed to one day take over as head of the family. Rosie and Enzo have a holiday romance that seems set to become something more serious until she discovers he is not entirely what he seems. Years later they meet again and this time Rosie must decide how much she is prepared to compromise for the sake of love.” – Goodreads: The Villa Girls

Remarkable Quotes

“Nunca se sabia o peso que os outros carregavam consigo – na verdade, não se sabia em relação a ninguém.”

Fun Facts

Nicky Pellegrino teaches the reader a lot about food and cooking. She makes you want a good pasta dish to enjoy while you read the book.

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