#27 The Sins of Philip Fleming – Irving Wallace


The Sins of Philip Fleming


Irving Wallace









Title (Original)

The Sins of Philip Fleming

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Short Description & Notes

This is neither a book about love or passion. Philip Fleming is a 40-year-old screenwriter, a loyal husband by indifference and an absent father. His life is not very good or very bad. When he meets Peggy Degen, a young widow with the most beautiful green eyes, he understands he needs possessing her at any cost. The book becomes a travel into Philip’s mind and we witness the changing of his personality and his dilemmas as a man, a husband and a father. At first the story seems to be a common place however the reader eventually becomes involved by the plot and can create his opinion about Philip’s character and way of living.

“A subtly crafted, timeless inside story about tangled amours and twisted ideals from one of America’s most skillful writers.” – Goodreads: The Sins of Philip Fleming

Remarkable Quotes

“Aquele corpo magnífico era agora uma visão familiar, e sabia que ainda o desejava, mas já não sabia se o desejava por a amar ou apenas por se odiar a si mesmo. A necessidade de possuir aquele objecto nu apoderou-se dele e cresceu dentro dele como uma fogueira.”

Fun Facts

This is the first book written by Irving Wallace. Although The Sins of Philip Fleming hadn’t been very acclaimed by critics, the author became then one of the greatest American writers.

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