#8 The Good Mayor – Andrew Nicoll


The Good Mayor


Andrew Nicoll


Contemporary, Novel


Easy. It’s an easy book to read.


Medium. It makes you want to know how the story unfolds but it doesn’t make stay up all night.



Title (Original)

The Good Mayor

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The Good Mayor - Andrew Nicoll

Short Description & Notes

The Good Mayor is a nice love story, told by a funny narrator, taking place in a new place and in which the characters are very unusual. We do not read romantic dinners under candle light, we do not read idyllic travels and do not witness kisses or voluptuous love scenes. This is a book about the thoughts and feelings that take part in the process of being in love. The narration of this story is also characterized by a lot of fun and comedy, present at each corner. Despite of its great beginnings, the end is quite predictable and a bit sudden as if the author had been forced to finishing it quickly.

“In a busy little city in a forgotten corner of the Baltic, in an office on the square, the beloved mayor of Dot lies on his office floor, peering beneath his door. Tibo Krovic has come to work from his house down at the end of a blue-tiled path. He’s taken, as usual, the tram seven stops, and walked the final two. He’s stopped for strong Viennese coffee. And now Tibo Krovic is looking at the perfectly beautiful feet of his voluptuous, unhappily married secretary, Mrs. Agathe Stopak. The Good Mayor is badly in love.

And over the course of days, months, and years, amid life’s daily routine—a fallen lunch pail, a single touch . . . a handwritten note and then a terrible choice—he and Agathe must come to terms with this thing that has seized hold of them both, exploring the tastes of desire and despair, love, friendship, and betrayal. . . . Until fate, magic, and their own actions lift them from their moorings—toward an utterly unexpected future.

Their tortuous road to bliss is fraught with phantom circus performers, malevolent painters, rotund lawyers, mysterious fortune-tellers—and every single one of love’s astonishing little cruelties and miracles” – Goodreads: The Good Mayor

Remarkable Quotes

Uma longa experiência de secretárias ensinara-lhe que cada gaveta, em cada secretária, em cada escritório do mundo continha, pelo menos, um rebuçado de mentol empoeirado, um lápis sem bico, um horário dos comboios desactualizado e um clipe.

Fun Facts

The action takes place between the islands of Dot and Comma.

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