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Storm Thief


Chris Wooding


Adventure, Science Fiction, Young Adult


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Storm Thief

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Storm Thief - Chris Wooding

Short Description & Notes

Storm Thief is a dark story of a chaotic civilization which can suddenly be changed by probabilities storms. The three main characters are different from the typical hero of fantasy tales. Rail needs to constantly carry with him a respirator since a storm stole his lungs capacity to breath, Moa’s incredible power is to be able to see kindness in every human being and then there is Vago, the golem, a mixed creature, half man, half machine, who appears as the most complex character, physical and psychologically. All possess the same goal, change their lives and escape from chaos. At the beginning the plot has everything to be another futuristic story, able to compete with the scenarios of The Hunger Games and The Matrix. However, as we progress and as we seek the revelation of this strange world’s mysteries we get a little disappointed since the complexity is not unveiled as promised by our expectations. Still, this is a book to be consumed and to fortify our imagination, and definitely, worth of reading.

“A darkly thrilling new novel from master storyteller Chris Wooding, about a civilization plagued by chaos and reality-rearranging storms.

Orokos is a city of chaos, lashed by probability storms that re-order the world wherever they strike. It covers every inch of the rocky island that it dominates. It has stood for so long that history has forgotten it, and its citizens no longer question what exists beyond its walls. Then three of its denizens discover a map that holds the key to the secret at the heart of Orokos. But there are others, such as the Chief of the Protectorate Secret Police who would do anything to get their hands on that power…anything at all…” – Goodsreads: Storm Thief

Remarkable Quotes

“As tempestades de probabilidades pouco se pareciam com as tempestades naturais. Não eram estrondeantes nem furiosas, mas suaves, delicadas e traiçoeiramente mortíferas.”

“Ninguém se dava realmente ao trabalho de contar semanas, meses ou anos em Orokos, mas tanto Rail como Moa estavam a meio caminho entre a infância e a idade adulta, nessa área enevoada onde ocorria a adolescência. No gueto havia pouco tempo para se ser criança.”

“O egoísmo era necessário à sobrevivência.”

Fun Facts

This book was recognized by the American Library Association in the 2007 Best Books for Young Adults.

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