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Sea of Whispers


Tim Bowler


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Worthy of reading although Tim Bowler has written better books.

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Sea of Whispers

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Short Description & Notes

The story of Sea of Whispers takes place on an isolated island called Mora. Here, the community struggles to survive the fury of the seas and the strength of the winds. Hetty is a sensitive girl that possesses the gift of hearing the whispers of the sea and of seeing foreign faces in simple glass fragments that come ashore. One day, an unknown boat crashes upon the rocks and Hetty becomes the savior of the lonely traveler. The relationship established between Hetty and this old lady who is not able to speak is then unveiled throughout the book. Although the story might be at times too much centered in one character and the manner in which it is written is not always the most captivating, this is a worthy book to read and it teaches us about friendship and the discovery of ourselves. Besides, the ending is quite surprising in my opinion.

“Somehow the boat was still afloat – another wave had lifted it clear of the first rock and was driving it further inshore. It bumped against the base of Crab Rock and skewed around, then tipped momentarily to starboard…and as it did so, she saw a figure crouching in the bottom.

Hetty’s always been a bit of a loner, preferring to keep to the outer edges of the close-knit island community. But when a strange woman is washed up on the shore, Hetty finds herself under increasing scrutiny from the islanders. There’s a connection between Hetty and the woman that makes people suspicious, so when death comes to the community the woman is branded a bad omen and Hetty has no choice but to take matters into her own hands.

As she heads out to sea, a storm is breaking and the whispers that she’s heard before are louder than ever. Voices from the very depths of the sea… and they’re calling her name.” – Goodreads: Sea of Whispers

Remarkable Quotes

“Hetty relanceou-lhe um olhar. Grandy era ainda tremendamente resistente, tal como Dolly e Anna e a maior parte das mulheres idosas da ilha mas no último ano ocorrera uma mudança. Pela primeira vez na vida a sua avó parecera-lhe mortal.”

Fun Facts

Tim Bowler has been described by the Independent as “one of the truly individual voices in British teenage fiction.”

The idea for this book had come to Tim Bowler many years before when he was on holiday in the Scillies and his wife said that she wanted to go down to the beach to see if there was any sea glass worthy of collecting.

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