#19 River Boy – Tim Bowler


River Boy


Tim Bowler


Young Adult


Easy. It is a very easy book to read.


High. It makes you want to know how the story unfolds. Who is the mysterious river boy? I read this book in a weekend.



It is a heart-warming book.

Title (Original)

River Boy

Year of Publication



River Boy - Tim Bowler

Short Description & Notes

River Boy is a good book for young adults and it makes you think about the way we face life and death. Jess is a teenager that has to deal with the illness and death of her grandfather who knows that death is near and wants to paint the only painting that he ever named: “River Boy”. During this final stage of his life days he wants to go to his birthplace which has a river and in that river Jess finds the mysterious boy from the painting and tries to find out who he is.

“Fifteen-year-old Jess’s grandfather has just had a major heart attack, but he insists he finish his painting, River Boy. At first, Jess cannot understand why this painting is so important to her grandfather, especially since there doesn’t seem to be any boy in it at all. But while swimming in the river herself, Jess begins to feel the presence of a strange boy. Could this be the same one her ailing grandfather struggles to paint? And if so, why has he returned?” – Goodreads: River Boy

Remarkable Quotes

“She would grieve, just like Mum and Dad, especially Dad, and her grief would be deep, and it would hurt her. But she wanted that grief; she knew it was natural and right, just as the passing of this strange and wonderful man was natural and right, just as her own death would one day be natural and right. But there was much living to do first, much living, much growing.”

Fun Facts

River Boy won the prize “Carnegie Medal in Literature” in 1997.

The cover reflects the feeling of the book.

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