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Frank Schätzing


Science Fiction, Thriller


Regular. It has a lot of technical language and sometimes too much description.





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Short Description & Notes

The story takes place in 2025 and the outer space is no longer so distant. An elevator that conducts passengers directly from earth to a space satellite has been constructed and oil age has reached its end. The future is Helium 3, a raw material that can be extracted from the moon’s soil and might be used as oil substitute for a long time. Julian Orley is the elevator owner and organizes a space travel for a few people wealthy enough to pay for it. As we read the news of this journey, Owen Jericho, a ciber detective, is investigating the disappearance of Yoyo, a Chinese young lady who is thought to have unveiled dangerous secrets of Peking policies.
The characters are great, although the narrative does not follow their potential. The story has not caught me, and at some point, I felt like I was reading the book without interest in knowing the outcome but just wanting it to end quickly.

“In 2025, entrepreneur Julian Orley opens the first-ever hotel on the moon. But Orley Enterprises deals in more than space tourism—it also operates the world’s only space elevator, which in addition to allowing the very wealthy to play tennis on the lunar surface connects Earth with the moon and enables the transportation of helium-3, the fuel of the future, back to the planet. Julian has invited twenty-one of the world’s richest and most powerful individuals to sample his brand-new lunar accommodation, hoping to secure the finances for a second elevator…

On Earth, meanwhile, cybercop Owen Jericho is sent to Shanghai to find a young female hacker known as Yoyo, who’s been on the run since acquiring access to information that someone seems quite determined to keep quiet. As Jericho closes in on the girl and the conspiracy swirling around her, he finds mounting evidence that connects her to Julian Orley as well as to the entrepreneur’s many competitors and enemies. Soon, the detective realizes that the lunar junket to Orley’s hotel is in real and immediate danger.” – Goodreads: Limit

Remarkable Quotes

“O ciúme, o vício dos pouco belos. Nada te torna mais pequeno e horroroso.”

“Ela tinha fumado, tinha bebido, tinha chorado e tinha-se sentido desamparada e inútil, tal como as crianças se sentem face a estados de ânimo perturbadoramente complexos dos seus progenitores, estados de ânimo que não compreendem e por isso relacionam consigo mesmas.”

Fun Facts

This book has 1099 pages! Once you have finished reading it you can potentially read anything in the world.

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