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This book is a lot of fun.

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Anansi Boys

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Short Description & Notes

Anansi Boys is a book about Fat Charlie, a young man who had a normal life, until his father died. During the funeral an old lady, who is a friend of the family for a long time, tells him that his father is the spider-god Anansi and that he has a brother. Fat Charlie’s life changes dramatically after he meets his brother who he is everything that he ever wanted to be and doesn’t care about the impact that he has on the life of others. His life unfolds in a whirlwind of events in which Fat Charlie loses his wife, is accused of a white-collar crime and gains the courage to sing in public. Meanwhile, he meets the woman of his life and a bird woman is hunting his brother.

“Fat Charlie Nancy’s normal life ended the moment his father dropped dead on a Florida karaoke stage. Charlie didn’t know his dad was a god. And he never knew he had a brother.

Now brother Spider’s on his doorstep — about to make Fat Charlie’s life more interesting… and a lot more dangerous.” – Goodreads: Anansi Boys

Remarkable Quotes

“Each person who ever was or is or will be has a song. It isn’t a song that anybody else wrote. It has its own melody, it has its own words. Very few people get to sing their song. Most of us fear that we cannot do it justice with our voices, or that our words are too foolish or too honest, or too odd. So people live their song instead.”

“The important thing about songs is that they’re just like stories. They don’t mean a damn unless there’s people listenin’ to them.”

Fun Facts

This book has won a lot of literary awards.

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