#42 A Mão do Diabo – José Rodrigues dos Santos


A Mão do Diabo (Portuguese)


José Rodrigues dos Santos


Novel, Mystery, Adventure







This book is an academic lesson in adventure format. It is great if you want to improve you knowledge about in this subject.

Title (Original)

A Mão do Diabo

Year of Publication




Short Description & Notes

In A Mão do Diabo the economic crisis hits Tomás Noronha and he got sacked due to budget restriction. On his way to receive the welfare, a friend delivers him an envelope that contains a riddle and tells him that unknown powerful people are chasing him. This throws the hero into the middle of an investigation led by The International Court, who is trying to determine those responsible for the economic crisis. The envelope is the key to find the DVD that exposes the truth. The story unfolds in a fast paced adventure in which the hero has to face a secret society and high political powers, while having to deal with his family problems.

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Remarkable Quotes

“A vida era mudança e o sofrimento resultava da incapacidade de aceitar essa verdade cruel. A vida é mudança.”

“Como dizia Aldous Huxley, ‘o charme da história e a sua lição enigmática consiste no facto de que, de era em era, nada muda e apesar disso tudo é completamente diferente’. “

“Para perceber o futuro é preciso entender o passado.”

“Plus ça change, plus c’est la meme chose!”

Fun Facts

The author claims that all historical, financial and economical information included in the novel is true.

The author makes a raw analysis of the reality of the current global economy.

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