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The Chapman Report


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The Chapman Report

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The Chapman Report is a national inquiry concerning sexual habits of suburban married American women, conducted by Dr. George Chapman and his co-workers. Dr. Chapman, a Biology professor dedicated to the primates’ section, moves with his team through the country, interviewing common American women. The team finishes its odyssey in The Briars, a Los Angeles suburb. The private story of four particular women of this town is told as they participate in Chapman’s study: Kathleen, an elegant widow strangely relieved by her husband’s death; Naomi, an alcoholic who desperately seeks new lovers; Sarah, mother of two, who has the courage of abandon her stable life in order to follow a new love; and Mary, a recently married woman who has to please her husband and her wealthy father. This is an interesting book concerning a controversial subject written at a time in which women’s sexual pleasure was still something unknown.

“Based on the “Kinsey Reports” where Dr. Alfred Kinsey conducted interviews with thousands of men and women on their sexual habits, Irving Wallace’s blockbuster novel “The Chapman Report” concerns the interviewing of a number of society ladies from a community in California known only as “The Briars”. These interviews, intended to extract data for a book on the sexual habits of married women, lead the reader on a trail through the lives and loves of several very different women, and the men in their lives. At the same time, the novel examines the lives of those conducting the interviews, their morals and motives, and at last becomes a treatise on love, and sex, and everything in between.

From the back cover of the 1960 paperback edition:

“Not just Wash. I wanted Perowitz and Lavine and Bardelli – I wanted them all…”
“I don’t know how I could have endured marriage without Fred. He’s so different from my husband.”

At first it was amusing. Then it was titillating. But as the respectable ladies of Briarwood Revealed the most intimate details of their sex lives to the eminent Dr. Chapman and his researchers, they found themselves face to face with long hidden emotions and dangerous desires.

The Chapman Report is an International Bestselling novel, made into a Warner Bros. movie starring Jane Fonda in one of her earliest roles.” – Goodreads: The Chapman Report

Remarkable Quotes

“Acredito que, com mais frequência, uma mulher deseja o seu marido por ele ter sido amável, atencioso, atencioso e devotado para com ela durante todo o dia, e que o acto físico do amor durante a noite não é mais do que a culminação de todas as outras facetas do amor ocorridas durante o dia.”

“Devido à sua longa experiência de tais assuntos, sabia que a franqueza feminina devia ser encarada automaticamente com circunspecção e um certo grau de desconfiança.”

Fun Facts

Two years after being published, the Chapman report inspired the homonym film with Claire Bloom, Jane Fonda, Shelley Winters and Glynis Johns.

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